She dreamed of paradisee.

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repeat after me

  • you CAN be stressed about school if you have good grades
  • you can be stressed about school if you have nice friends
  • you čåñ be stressed about school if you seem happy 24/7
  • you can absolutely be stressed about school even if the rest of your life is fantastic
  • there are not certain conditions you have to have to be stressed about school 
  • school can be fucking stressful for anyone

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haha trick or treat kid

Trust issues


why do people make fun of people who get starbucks have you ever had starbucks that shit is delicious

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# we’re sexy and we know it

#walk, walk fashion baby

I heard the subtitles in caesar flickerman’s voice and now i’m confused.



So my dad is a preacher and he was telling us that Halloween is ‘the day of the devil’ and my sister goes “wow a whole day all for me?” And my dad is clinging to his bible now omg

This is my favourite post of all time.

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i must do homework now goodbye friends

i haven’t done any homework but i’m back hello friends

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me in the winter: how do you expect me to do things it's fucking freezing outside
me in the summer: how do you expect me to do things it's fucking hell outside


I want you to cuddle me and kiss me in public and look at me like I’m the most important person to you but I also want you to pull my hair and breathe down my neck and fuck me until I can’t see or walk properly

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'Bob says hello,' he told the stars

wow obviously i’m not affected by this